Basic environment and environmental management – E-learningBasic environment and environmental management – E-learning

This course gives you

The E-Learning highlights environmental challenges as well as solutions suitable for companies and private individuals. With voice over, text and images the course highlights topics such as:

  • Global climate change and its effects
  • Dispersion of environmental toxins and chemical substances
  • Resource use and circular economy
  • The UN’s global sustainability goals
  • The concept of sustainable development
  • Management systems for the environment
  • ISO 14001

Target group

The E-Learning is primarily designed for employees of companies that work with environmental issues and are certifierd according to ISO 14001.
BASIC ENVIRONMENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT is an elementary course and requires no prior knowledge


The E-Learning is done individually and remotely via our web platform. The participant can pause the course at any time and continue, where they left off, at next login.
The E-Learning has voice over and the participant can, by choice, follow the content by subtitles. The E-learning contains clickable in-depth texts related to the various subject areas. Each topic is followed by compulsory questions that the participant must answer correctly to pass.
The training takes about 30 – 45 minutes to complete.
The user license gives access to the course for three months.

The E-Learning can also be custom tailored for your company, with additional company-specific information or modules.



Basic environment and environmental management – E-learning




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